is a novel about a spaceship coming to earth. It uses the new Near Light Speed technology, which allowes the inmates to return to Sirius, their home planet, within their lifetime. But there is a catch about this technology: When time and space get delayed, there is nothing, you can rely on anymore. In the meantime, Vince and Faby, Dera and Hans get to know some strange storys about Earth history, cause there also is nothing, you can rely on, since a made up story has mixed up all the history books.

The novel is written in "Non Native English", and I ought to explain it somehow, why I do not use my first language, German, in this place. It has to do with the love for the english language, the narrow bond between German and English, English being some kind of Germanic, enriched with celtic softness and roman words. It also has to do with the ongoing destruction of the german language due to buerocratic narrowmindnesses, so writing in English is some kind of exile, leaving the doomed lands behind. But it also has to do with the craving for a language of all people, an understanding across borders and nations. I came to love English not just as the language of the English, but as a language to talk with people from everywhere, as the common language of the Non Natives. I experienced, that the English from Non Natives is more easy to understand, more straightforward, less sophisticated. So, to write in Non Native English is a offer I make for all the Non Natives, who can indeed read and understand English, as long as it is not too tricky. To be simple, to be simple minded is a precondition to not go astray in the possibilities of an unleashed world. So, last but not least, to write English is helping me to stay simple, to put it as it is, instead of making a fuzz about it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Please note, that the story is not finished yet. I post it in here as a work in progress.

Yours Andreas Cotterell